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runescape Halloween 2012-2013 ghost hunt

Quick deal on ghost hunting. maybe a few locations should they come up. To start the ghost hunt, talk to the dudes with funky robes at… Falador Gardens (west of the party room) Varrok fountain (south east of the grand exchange) you should see a ghost example there, and what he looks like. I had my computer on minimum graphics so it would go faster. it might look different with better graphics. Also, the cape is the only reward that I know of at the moment, and you get that for 25 ectoplasm. you get 10 ectoplasm for each ghost you find. Ghosts will almost always be in a building, and even then, a building that is used relatively often. Hence, the old man's house, bank in al kharid, training building at lumbridge. Have fun. OOOH! wait! On the runescape news, it said there will be a full set of robes that provide prayer xp while ya take out ghosts and ya get an ectoplasmatater… or something… anyway, KEEP YOUR ITEMS! then will be valuable!
Ganic Mord

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