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Hey guys its Uber_Pk here, might remember me from my old youtube partnership from years back involving my edgevile pk guides & infamous green dragon pking. I've come to you today with my announcement of my new Private RS Server involving 30M give-away to each new member to the Zennax Community. Calc and I have decided EoC has no place for us and want to invest in advertising out server to keep the original combat system alive! So get in fast and don't miss out! FORUMS: Server Client Download: Hope to see you guys soon! *DISREGARD* Pk K1n9 5 runescape pk commentary marathon. Runescape range tank pk commentary marathon. Runescape ranged tank pking commentary marathon. Runescape ranged tank pking with commentary. Runescape range tank pking with commentary.Runescape range pking with commentary. Runescape Morrigan's throwing axe pking with commentary. Pk K1n9 5 runescape morrigans throwing axe pk commentary. Runescape range tank pking with rigour and morrigan throwing axe runescape pk private runescape server rs eoc eveolution of combat world of warcraft free gold give away million gold eoc evolution of combat flipping guide free bil give away billion million party hat rares

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