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Runescape Slaying Skeletal Wyverns in EoC Beta vs Live Game – HD

This is a test to see the rates you can expect when EoC comes out. I find the beta fun to play, and making this video was both entertaining and informative. If you want to see more videos like this please leave a comment. I got a few ideas :) In the EoC Beta, Skeletal Wyverns give 537 slayer XP, compared to only 210 XP in the live game. It is also multicombat in the EoC which makes cannon a lot more effective, plus making a steel titan a good help. Wyvern weakness is believed to be crush, thats why using a maul is the best option in the current combat system. The maul also gives your cannon a lot more accuracy. The new weakness is fire spells and that is why I used fire surge. 4x Video Speed Momentum ability(normal attacks do more damage) Rates in the beta(10 minute test): 240 kills/hr 129K Slayer XP/hr 90K Magic XP/hr 66K Constitution XP/hr (5 minute test) 30K Ranged XP/hr (5 minute test) Rates in live game(10 minute test): 180 kills/hr 38K Slayer XP/hr Flaws of this test: Using the absolute best gear available No Completionist cape equipped due to a bug No specific cannon spot Used food No Dreadnips Music: Boesgaard – Worldstone Artist Channel:

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